CBRNe Training in virtual Environments - Structured Analysis & Practical Guidelines

  • Markus Murtinger (Vortragender)
  • Schrom-Feiertag, H. G. (Autor)
  • Sebastian Egger-Lampl (Autor)
  • Emma Jaspaert (Autor)

Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungVortrag ohne Tagungsband


Virtual reality (VR) is increasingly gaining acceptance in the education and training sector. VR allows users to immerse in situations and gives the feeling of being physically there. In simulated environments, trainees are confronted with dangerous situations that would otherwise be too dangerous or not allowed and learn the correct skills and behaviour. With VR trainees can develop their skills in realistic settings but without real danger, at any time and independent of location, but also record and analyse them. Virtual environments offer a maximum of experimental control, are easy to iterate and allow new forms of feedback and performance monitoring. Together with the trainer, recorded sessions can be used to discuss issues and alternative behaviour can be tested. The immersion that is created in the training increases the learning effect and the retention of acquired knowledge. Lack of technology acceptance, economic aspects, incomplete requirements and technical limitations are the main weaknesses of VR opportunities. This paper gives a comprehensive overview of current training solutions as well as of research challenges in the field of VR for education and training in the security sector. Based on results and practical experiences from several studies regarding VR security training, this paper provides recommendations for the introduction of VR into CBRNe training and discusses the opportunities and weaknesses. The results are presented in on the bases of SWOT analysis methods (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat) and the findings are translated into practical guidelines. The aim is to enhance the awareness of what extensions are already possible with VR in CBRNe training, how these can be implemented, and which developments are still required.
Zeitraum10 Dez. 202012 Dez. 2020
Ereignistitel2nd Scientific International Conference on CBRNe SICC Series 2020
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