CoCreation in Virtual Worlds for complex questions and technologies

Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungPräsentation auf einer wissenschaftlichen Konferenz / Workshop


One of the most relevant differences between User Experience (UX) research and market research for us is the creative involvement of the participants in the design of the study settings. UX research is usually the beginning of a user centered innovation approach and provides essential inputs to the future design process. CoCreation methods are an essential part of this research phase to collect sticky information, to uncover user needs & ideas and to consider these results in the further creative process. Co-Creation can be considered to be a subset or contemporary form of Participatory Design (PD) while using tools and techniques that engender people´s creativity, which is in part motivated by a belief in the value of democracy to civic, educational, and commercial settings. New technologies (such as virtual reality, artificial intelligent, robotics, etc.) make it possible to reduce the cost of carrying out Co- Creation and, moreover, they offer easy access for a broad group of users for collaboration. The focus is particularly on virtual and augmented reality technologies for the implementation of these studies and these technologies provides new possibilities to transform CoCreation into an engaging digital playground for serious collaboration. For example, participants could meet from any point in the world in a virtual workshop setting and work together on topics. Enhanced interaction methods combined with simulation or AI empower non-experts to work on a professional design level for resolving complex challenges. Furthermore, the results of the CoCreation process is immediately available and editable in the virtual world and could be shared on the internet for widespread user involvement. We will present innovative approaches from ongoing research projects and how virtual CoCreation methods could be used and what we can expect from the future technologies and possibilities. On the one hand we will introduce our H2020 Research Project SHOTPROS and the involvement of Law Enforcement Agencies in the user centered design process. And on the other hand, we will show ideas and approaches with virtual reality in the domain of architecture and urban planning. Especially VR for participatory planning offer a completely new medium to walk through virtual worlds providing a high level of immersion and presence. This will completely change participation: Citizens no longer look at content but become part of the virtual world which is perceived as real and enable people to interact with and feel connected to the world.
Zeitraum10 Sept. 202011 Sept. 2020
EreignistitelGOR - 22nd General Online Research Conference

Research Field

  • Experience Business Transformation