Data Science for Sustainable Forestry

Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungPräsentation auf einer wissenschaftlichen Konferenz / Workshop


This workshop brought together practitioners and researchers from the fields of data science and forestry in order to explore in which ways data science and machine learning can support to make forest management more sustainable under a changing climate. The participants will learn from each other about recent developments and challenges, both, in data science and forestry, and will identify the most promising tasks to address. Organized by the AI4Trees project, the workshop consists of an introduction to the project by Dr. Jasmin Lampert and an expert talk by Prof. Andreas Holzinger (BOKU) to give an overview of the field. This is followed by a panel discussion to discuss with the audience how the most promising tasks can be addressed.
Zeitraum2 Mai 2023
EreignistitelInternational Data Science Conference 2023 (iDSC)
OrtKrems, ÖsterreichAuf Karte anzeigen

Research Field

  • Ehemaliges Research Field - Data Science
  • Ehemaliges Research Field - Societal Resilience & Security