Evaluation of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) on cold-formed AA2024 substrates

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Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) can be used for structural modifications of metal sheets and profiles made of aluminium alloys. This allows profiles to be specifically adapted to certain applications and loading conditions by additional stiffening structures. As material is only deposited where it is required, these kinds of reinforcements cannot be manufactured by conventional continuous processes. Therefore, the use of WAAM can provide great economic advantages. Even more interesting is the use of high strength but hardly weldable aluminium alloys from the 2xxx series. These alloys have a distinctive susceptibility for hot cracking but it has been demonstrated that alloys such as AW2024 can be processed by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. However, the deposition on cold-formed AW2024 substrates for the fabrication of hybrid components has not yet been published. This study deals with the evaluation of the influence of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for the modification of cold-formed AW2024 metal sheets using S Al 2319 and AW2024 as the filler materials. Firstly, the involved materials are investigated by thermodynamic simulations and the cracking susceptibility is theoretically assessed according to a hot cracking criterion. Secondly, WAAM experiments are carried out by using Cold Metal Transfer (CMT). For these trials, the substrates are differently heat treated before and after WAAM to evaluate the influence of the material condition. The material characterization of the specimens is conducted by metallographic analysis, chemical analysis, and hardness testing. The results rate the suitability of the filler materials for processing modifications on cold-formed AW2024 profiles, allowing the manufacturing of hybrid components made of the high strength aluminium alloy in the future.
Zeitraum27 Sept. 202229 Sept. 2022
EreignistitelMSE 2022

Research Field

  • Wire-Based Additive Manufacturing


  • aluminium alloys
  • AA2024
  • solidification cracking
  • Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)
  • liquation cracking
  • hybrid components
  • stiffeners