From eHealth to dHealth, Centre for Medical Informatics Seminar 2022

Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungVorlesung


Key ICT innovations like the Internet, mobile communications, smartphones, wireless sensors, the Internet of Things and AI have inspired corresponding innovations in healthcare like EHRs, remote patient monitoring, mHealth and wearables which are now converging into systems and services in support of dHealth, i.e. digital, data-driven, deep health & care. The lecture will elucidate this development process based on own work in the context of global developments.
Zeitraum28 März 2022
Gehalten amUniversity of Edinburgh, Großbritannien/Vereinigtes Königreich

Research Field

  • Exploration of Digital Health


  • Telehealth
  • Digital Health
  • Interoperability