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Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungPräsentation auf einer wissenschaftlichen Konferenz / Workshop


Climate change causes increasing impact to our environment and infrastructure. Heat waves threaten public health which amplifies the need for unsealed surfaces and trees in cities, weather extremes interrupt transport lines, which is even aggravated by changing soil fertility and higher risks of landslides due to changing vegetation. This has severe implications for the transport system and mobility. Urban public space needs to be redesigned and resilient infrastructures have to be constructed, while at the same time emissions need to be dramatically reduced.
The Research and Innovation Action project KNOWING develops transformation pathways for regions affected by climate impacts which specify concrete bundles of measures and policy interventions for adapting to climate impacts without jeopardising climate mitigation goals. This is accomplished by developing a modelling framework comprising a range of sector models (transport, climate, waves, land use, behaviour, etc.) combined through a system dynamics model at the centre of the framework. In Demonstrator Regions focusing on four Climate Impact Contexts (urban heat, river floodings, coastal floodings, soil fertility) citizens and stakeholders are involved in the development of transformation pathways to increase engagement and acceptance of required measures.
AIT together with 19 partners combine a multitude of competences in the project contributing to these goals, ranging from data science and modelling to behaviour research and communication strategies. The presentation will provide insight into the holistic approach and invite interested parties to become Followers.
ZeitraumNov. 2022
Gehalten amTRA Transport Research Arena, Portugal

Research Field

  • Climate Resilient Pathways