Microneedle biosensor system for continuous monitoring of glucose and lactate in the interstitial fluid of the skin

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Currently available wearables allow the monitoring of physiological parameters such as heart rate and temperature. However, for the analysis of molecular biomarkers, continuous quantification must be possible, which of course requires direct contact with the user's biofluids. The most commonly used body fluid for molecular diagnostics is blood, but the invasive nature of blood collection is difficult to combine with the development of portable, easy-to-use systems. To overcome this hurdle, a number of non-invasive biofluids such as sweat, saliva, dermal interstitial fluid (ISF), or eye fluid have been investigated, with ISF having the highest potential, as it was found to have a good correlation of biomarker concentrations in ISF and blood samples e.g. compared to sweat. In the ELSAH project, we develop and demonstrate an integrated wearable sensor system (‘ELSAH-patch’) for continuous monitoring of molecular biomarkers for healthcare and well-being applications in ISF. The examination of the ISF is carried out by means of a microneedle-based biosensor, which is painless for the user when applied to the skin. To demonstrate our ELSAH patch, we chose the two biomarkers glucose and lactate, which are amongst the most established and prominent biomarkers to support a healthy lifestyle. The detection of the glucose and lactate levels in the dermal interstitial fluid is performed via electrochemical reactions catalyzed by mediator-free direct electron transfer enzymes. The enzymes are embedded into biocompatible biofunctional layers, which are dispensed onto the microneedles. The microneedle biosensor is integrated with a microchip and printed electronics components (battery, interconnects and antenna), thereby enabling independent measurements and secure wireless data transmission to the user’s mobile phone. Here we will present the latest biosensor and system integration results achieved in the project.
ELSAH is an EU-funded collaborative project (H2020 Grant No. 825549, www.elsah.researchproject.at) in the area of electronic smart systems.
Zeitraum1 März 2023
EreignistitelLOPEC 2023
OrtMunich, DeutschlandAuf Karte anzeigen

Research Field

  • Molecular Diagnostics