MIMO Development Platform

  • Gerhard Steinböck (Autor)
  • Florian Kaltenberger (Autor)
  • Lieger, R. (Autor)

Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungVortrag ohne Tagungsband


A MIMO development platform is described, that will aid the development process and optimization of MIMO equipment. Designing and developing MIMO hardware and algorithms using computer simulations alone is not sufficient for realistic results; Real-time simulations and field tests should also be carried out. With its built-in accurate MIMO channel model based on the COST 259 GSCM and its dedicated hardware, the MIMO development platform allows unlimited and reproducible real-time simulation of MIMO systems. The hardware consists of a scalable architecture of up to ten processing boards (comprising a DSP and a FPGA), of which eight are dedicated to real-time MIMO channel simulation and two can be used for rapid prototyping of MIMO algorithms. The power of the development platform is demonstrated by an implementation of a smart antenna receiver and the corresponding uncoded bit error rates.
Zeitraum20 Sept. 200422 Sept. 2004
EreignistitelCost273 - 11th Meeting of the Management Committee
Bekanntheitsgrad - verpflichtend einzutragen!International

Research Field

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  • Channel Modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • MIMO
  • Real-time Simulation