Physics as foundation for applied research

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Research Centers offer a broad field of activities for university graduates. In Austria several excellent institutes both established decades ago with long tradition and emerged recently offer great opportunities to start a career. The author joined arsenal research after researching at Vienna University of Technology in the field of nuclear methods for solid state physics. Later transformed into AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria's largest research and technology organisation offers – beside a PhD program - two distinct career paths for graduates of universities, the research engineer & expert advice and the scientist path. Both offer three levels including a junior and a senior setting with the scientist path having established the principal scientist as highest opportunity. Although changing between the engineer and the scientist path is definitely possible, the author stayed on the initially chosen scientific model and is now active as an expert for sustainable thermal energy systems with focus on fluid dynamics and acoustics. Working in applied topics in a plethora of research projects, publications pathed the way to submit a habilitation at Vienna University of Technology in the field of Applied Fluid Mechanics in the Faculty for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Since then, the author is responsibly for the Applied Fluid Mechanics project and lecture, which is offered together with experts from the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer.
Zeitraum26 Sept. 202230 Sept. 2022
Ereignistitel71. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Physikalischen Gesellschaft

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