Properties of the Positioning Error for Cell Phone Trajectories

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Cell phone data has become a major source for the scienti c community to analyze human mobility behaviour. A typical task in this context is to estimate motion trajectories based on sequences of locations in the antenna network. In this paper we examine the question: given that a mobile device is logged in to an antenna with known position and characteristics, what can be said about the probability distribution of the position of the device? We examine three datasets of trajectory data, where the location was determined using a GPS logger. Based on this data, we give estimates on the distribution of the locations of the users given that they are logged in to one antenna. Finally, we evaluate di erent strategies for estimating user location from the antenna position.
Zeitraum3 Juni 20137 Juni 2013
EreignistitelNetSci 2013
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  • Ehemaliges Research Field - Mobility Systems