Reliability of Reported Doses for external dosimetric Services in Europe - Results and Conclusions of a EURADOS Action

  • Hannes Stadtmann (Autor)
  • M. Figel (Autor)
  • V. Kamenopoulou (Autor)
  • D. Kluszczynski (Autor)
  • H. Roed (Autor)
  • J. Van Dijk (Autor)

Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungPräsentation auf einer wissenschaftlichen Konferenz / Workshop


Only limited information is available in the open literature relating to the uncertainty in a dose measurement, being increased by failure of the evaluation or data management system, damage of the dosemeter itself or by the loss of dosemeter. In 2001 EURADOS, the working group on harmonization of individual monitoring in Europe carried out a survey aimed at collecting and analysing information on the reliability of reported doses. More than 200 questionnaires were sent out to approved dosimetric services in Europe. In total 88 (44%) questionnaires were returned from services of different size using different dosimetric systems. Both the frequency of occurrence of various error conditions as well as the possible impact of the error condition from a dosimetric point of view was investigated. Data were analysed with respect to the size of the services as well as the dosimetric system in use (TLD, Film, RPL, TE). As a result of the survey most error conditions (e.g. damage of dosemeter, contamination, loss of data, reader malefunction) were classified as very rare compared to a rather high rate of lost dosemeters (0-10%). The rate of lost dosemeters, as well as other error conditions like irradiation of the dosemeter when not worn, or wrong wearing position of the dosemeter are however out of the direct control of the services. The focus of this report is to give a comprehensive overview on possible sources of errors encountered in external personal dosimetric services. In addition quality control actions to prevent these errors or minimise the impact are described.
Zeitraum11 Apr. 200515 Apr. 2005

Research Field

  • Biosensor Technologies