Utilization of an EOG Based Controlling Device with Body Area Network Connectivity

  • Sten Hanke (Autor)
  • Manfred Bammer (Autor)
  • Stefan Mina (Autor)
  • Ute Morgenstern (Autor)
  • Rüdiger Poll (Autor)

Aktivität: Vortrag ohne Tagungsband / VorlesungPräsentation auf einer wissenschaftlichen Konferenz / Workshop


A device for controlling computer systems based on the electrooculogram (EOG) as an electrophysiological biosignal could be an important assistance for users which are not able, respectively will not to using hands for controlling devices. A wireless communivation between the acquisition device and the controlling device should guaranty a better handling and comfort for the user. The paper describes the development of an user-friendly wireless EOG acquisition tool with an embedded trigger detection realized with a digital signal processor (DSP). The work was especially focused on the pattern recognition of EOG biosignals to distinguish arbitrarily and involuntary eye movement.
Zeitraum12 Nov. 200413 Nov. 2004

Research Field

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  • Multimodal
  • Usability