Daily load profiles and ZIP models of current and new residential customers

  • Daniel-Leon Schultis (TU Wien) (Urheber:in)



    This dataset contains two load models of residential customers: the currently established one and a newly proposed one. ZIP coefficients and normalized P- and Q-values are given for a time horizon of 24h in 1min time-steps. The currently established load model behaves inductive for the complete time horizon. This behaviour is provoked by the high share of directly connected induction motors. Capacitive load devices such as switch-mode power supply devices without power factor correction, adjustable speed drives, and LED lighting, etc. are absent or present only in small numbers. The newly proposed load model represents modern residential customers with LED lighting, and an increased share of adjustable speed drives and switch-mode power supply loads without power factor correction. It behaves capacitive during evening time and inductive during the remaining time horizon, matching recent measurements at modern residential customer plants.
    Datum zugänglich gemacht26 Juni 2019

    Research Field

    • Power System Planning and Operation

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