• Daniel-Leon Schultis (TU Wien) (Urheber:in)



    The dataset gives data of two real* and two theoretical low voltage grids in European grid type. The real grids include a typical rural (59% cable share, long feeders, radial structure, small transformer) and a typical urban (96% cable share, short feeders, radial structure, large transformer) low voltage grid. The theoretical grids consist of a distribution transformer and one feeder, one is realized with cable feeder and the other with overhead line feeder. Included are for each grid: • Topology of low voltage grid, • current ratings, lengths, and positive-sequence resistances, reactances and capacitances of line segments, • connection points of customers, • connection points of inductive devices, • distribution transformer rated apparent power, nominal primary and secondary voltages, and positive-sequence resistance and reactance, and • a solved load flow case. *The exact location of both real grids cannot be published due to data protection issues.
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    Research Field

    • Power System Planning and Operation

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