Application of artificial intelligence in the field of metal forming at the LKR

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Digitalization and artificial intelligence are an active research field at LKR. For example, automatic segmentation of recristallisation zones out of micrographs with deep learning. Another direction is the prediction of heat coefficients with transformers, learnt with public data. Supplementary we experiment with symbolic regression as parameter search method for VPSC.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2022
Veranstaltung12. Ranshofener Leichtmetalltage -
Dauer: 6 Okt. 20227 Okt. 2022


Konferenz12. Ranshofener Leichtmetalltage

Research Field

  • Advanced Forming Processes and Components


  • Deep Learning
  • Symbolic Regression
  • Transformer
  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Heat Coefficient
  • Recristallisation Zones
  • VPSC


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