Bibliometric Mapping of Environmental Innovation in Transport Technologies

Edgar Schiebel

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Environmental innovation has gained importance in mobility and transport technologies during the last decades. There are different issues in this area, like traffic calming, intermodal freight transport, public transport, traffic control, governmental transport policy, intelligent transport systems, etc. to give just some examples. At the moment the fuel cell is a broadly discussed technology. Reflecting these issues, transport is a real broad interdisciplinary and complex system. Key topics come from socio-economic areas, particular technological systems, and specific technical detail questions. In this paper an attempt is made to grasp this disciplinary variety. Particularly it will be investigated how and to which extent environmental innovation plays a role in mobility and transport technologies. Thematic clusters and topics of environmental innovation will be identified and analysed. The information base for this task is a comprehensive collection of literature abstracts for mobility and transport technologies. These articles have been collected during a three years project on the technology monitoring for mobility and transport technologies. The thematic spectrum reaches from environmental over technical to socio-economic issues. This information base allows to position environmental innovations in relation to a broad spectrum of subjects. The analysis is performed by bibliometric methods. Linear and multidimensional techniques like co word analysis and cluster analysis are used. This paper demonstrates how bibliometric analysis can be used to identify and describe environmental innovation in mobility and transport technologies. Keywords: environmental innovation, mobility, transport, bibliometrics, co-word analysis, cluster analysis, bibliometric mapping, Visualisation
TitelTowards Environmental Innovation Systems
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2001
VeranstaltungTowards Environmental Innovation Systems -
Dauer: 1 Jan. 2001 → …


KonferenzTowards Environmental Innovation Systems
Zeitraum1/01/01 → …

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