Co-Creation Tool in Virtual Reality

Publikation: AbschlussarbeitMasterarbeit


The innovation of future technologies such as training of medical first responders in Extended
Reality (XR) can be achieved through methods of co-creation. Virtual Reality
(VR) provides great potential for engaging multiple stakeholders like researchers, designers,
engineers and end-users in the collaborative and creative process of co-creation.
The aim of this thesis is to implement a collaborative co-creation tool in VR for
designing and discussing complex scenarios such as mass casualty incidents. A prototype
for the Meta Quest 2 is implemented that enables multiple users to express potential
scenarios of accidents by creating virtual objects from an inventory system in VR.
A total of four experiments, including 20 participants, were conducted to investigate
the potential collaboration, in particular workspace awareness, and the overall usability
of the system. Additionally, the potential of geometric shapes such as cones, spheres or
cubes for expressing additional scene objects in complex scenarios was examined.
The quantitative and qualitative results outline the strengths and weaknesses of the
prototype regarding the current support for workspace awareness and areas of improvement
are discussed. Furthermore, the results highlight that geometric shapes provide
great potential for expressing additional scene objects. However, further annotation features
are required to support the meaning of abstract shapes within virtual scenarios.
QualifikationMaster of Science
Gradverleihende Hochschule
  • Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
Betreuer/-in / Berater/-in
  • Regal, Georg, Betreuer:in
  • Hochleitner, Wolfgang, Betreuer:in, Externe Person
Datum der Bewilligung13 Juli 2022
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2022

Research Field

  • Experience Business Transformation


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