Computation Time Efficient Models of DC-to-DC Converters for Multi-Domain Simulations

Johannes Vinzenz Gragger

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In this work power electronic models for DC-to-DC converters, suitable for multi-domain simulations, are presented. Loss calculations in complex electromechanical systems are the main application of the proposed models. Using the proposed power electronic models, the overall efficiency and energy consumption of complex electromechanical systems (e.g. in modern vehicle concepts) working in many different operation points can be simulated with reasonable efforts. Energy balance is guaranteed and linear temperature dependence of on-resistances, knee voltages and switching losses is considered. Therefore, the modeling approach allows a consistent calculation of the energy flow (electrical, mechanical, thermal, etc.). A detailed outline of the analytical approach used for three DC-to-DC converter models is given. Buck (fig. 1), boost (fig. 2) and buck-boost converter models (fig. 3) with consideration of switching and conduction losses are described.
TitelAdvances in Computer Science and Engineering
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2011

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