Elicitation and Formalization of Local Energy Community Stakeholder Requirements in Austria

Oliver Langthaler, Jawad Kazmi (Autor:in und Vortragende:r), Stefan Linecker

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    Local energy communities (LECs) are quickly gaining popularity and have considerable potential to benefit their participants as well as the overall energy system, but they may also have a destabilizing effect if implemented in an uncoordinated fashion. Project ECOSINT aims to develop a unified and modular information and communications technology (ICT) architecture for seamless, large-scale integration of LECs into the overall energy system in to ensure that their benefits can be fully lifted. Following a holistic approach, this process involved the elicitation and formalization of requirements from all involved stakeholders as a basis for the development of this architecture. This paper outlines, how these requirements have been collected and formalized using state of the art methods. Furthermore, the requirements are presented and examples of the results of the formalization process are given.
    Titel18. Symposium Energieinnovation
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 16 Feb. 2024
    Veranstaltung18. Symposium Energieinnovation (EnInnov 2024) - TU Graz | Institut für Elektrizitätswirtschaft und Energieinnovation, Graz, Österreich
    Dauer: 14 Feb. 202416 Feb. 2024


    Konferenz18. Symposium Energieinnovation (EnInnov 2024)

    Research Field

    • Power System Digitalisation


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