EUPRO - OVERALL PROGRESS REPORT (January 2019 – June 2020)

Thomas Scherngell, Georg Zahradnik, Xheneta Bilalli Shkodra, Barbara Heller-Schuh, Michael Barber, Martina Neuländtner

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EUPRO comprises information on R&D projects and all participating organisations funded by different public R&D funding programmes, mainly the EU FP, but also COST, EUREKA and JTIs. EUPRO is maintained and regularly updated (annual additions of new information, see Section 2.1), and also constantly advanced by additional modules, most importantly the addition of national programmes next to European and transnational ones (see Section 2.2). Figure 1 provides a schematic illustration on the vision of EUPRO comprising an umbrella for systematic and cleaned information on project-based R&D projects and collaboration at different spatial levels.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 7 Juli 2020

Research Field

  • Innovation Dynamics and Modelling


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