Gamification as Motivation to Engage in Location-Based Public Participation

Sarah-Kristin Thiel (Vortragende:r), Peter Fröhlich

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In the last decade there have been various attempts to foster location-based public participation. Researchers as well as municipalities have explored several methods, among them the implementation of digital participation tools. However, the actual level of participation has remained low. This gives cause to both analyze the reasons for the ineffectiveness of the explored methods as well as to "think outside the box" and try novel approaches. One of such approaches is gamification. This research investigates the effects adding game-inspired elements can have on participation. In particular, we focus on how motivational factors differ for gamified participation and whether motivations influence citizens´ level of engagement. To do so, we conducted an experiment with a location-based mobile participation prototype. Our results suggest that participation in a gamified application was higher than in one without, but also decreased intrinsic motivation, which was found to influence activity in location-based public participation. The strongest reported motivation was reporting issues regarding urban topics and stating one´s opinion.
TitelProgress in Location-Based Services 2016
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2016
VeranstaltungLBS2016 - 13th Conference on Location-Based Services -
Dauer: 1 Jan. 2016 → …


KonferenzLBS2016 - 13th Conference on Location-Based Services
Zeitraum1/01/16 → …

Research Field

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  • Gamification; Motivation; Public participation; Location-based


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