Linking FMI-based Components With Discrete Event Systems

Wolfgang Müller, Edmund Erich Widl

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    The simulation of cyber-physical systems involves modular heterogeneous systems. When embedding continuous subsystems in a discrete event system, in a classic approach the different subsystems use the same communication points and wait for each other. The approach presented in this paper uses predictions for every single continuous subsystem. That way the continuous subsystems can be used as discrete components in a discrete event system. This concept is implemented with FMUs (Functional Mock-up Units) generated with OpenModelica and the Discrete Event domain of Ptolemy II as a proof of concept. A model is implemented using this environment and compared to another implementation that uses only Ptolemy II. The results show the better scalability and shorter runtime of the presented approach compared to the pure Ptolemy II approach.
    Titel2013 IEEE International Systems Conference Proceedings
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2013

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