Mapping the Technological Competition

Marianne Hörlesberger, Edgar Schiebel, Alexander Kopcsa

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The bibliometric method (or co-word analysis) is a recently developed tool for extracting specific information out of large collections of data of various nature. It has been presented on last year´s PATINNOVA together with the process of patent management. In the following contribution the emphasis is on the usefulness of this method for providing the relevant information for mapping the technological competition linked to patents. For virtually all companies engaged in R&D the latter are of utmost of importance as to securing and expanding the competition position, yet it is extremely difficult to successfully handle the huge amount of data containing the relevant information in scattered form. The results are displayed graphically. Among others, the following questions can be analyzed by the bibliometric method: Which patents have been filed by which company? Which technology is dominated by which companies? Which technologies result in patent clusters? Which competitor is dominating which technologies? Altogether, co-word analysis gives a survey over all competitors and their features and provide detail information of developments.
TitelPatinnova / EPIDOS Annual Conference 2001
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2001
VeranstaltungPatinnova / EPIDOS Annual Conference 2001 -
Dauer: 1 Jan. 2001 → …


KonferenzPatinnova / EPIDOS Annual Conference 2001
Zeitraum1/01/01 → …

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