Modelling delay saving through pro-active incident management techniques

Philippe Nitsche, V. Bernhardsson, J. Olstam, N. Taylor

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Purpose Road traffic incidents cause delay, affect public safe-ty and the environment. The CEDR PRIMA project aims to extend practical guidance for traffic managers in pro-active Traffic Incident Management (TIM) techniques to reduce the impacts and associated costs of incidents. Methods The paper describes modelling methods used in the project for assessing the effect of different management tech-niques on incident duration and travel delay under various sce-narios, including collision, adverse weather, heavy vehicle break-down and other obstruction, assuming various management strat-egies and generic impacts of novel technologies. Macroscopic simulations of 178 variations of 13 basic scenarios have been performed using a flexible and computationally efficient macroscopic queue model, results being verified by simulation using a velocity-based Cell Transmission Model (CTM-v). Results The results of the two modelling methods are broadly consistent. While delays estimated by the two methods can differ by up to 20%, this is small compared to the factor of 30 range of modelled delays caused by incidents, depending on their nature and circumstances, and is not sufficient to affect general conclusions. Under the peak traffic conditions assumed, the most important factor affecting delay is whether running lanes can be kept open, but quick clearance of car-riageway is not always feasible. Conclusions Comparison of two very different modelling methods confirms their consistency within the context of high-ly scenario-dependent results, giving confidence in the results. Future research and data needs include further validation of the models, potential application to traffic flow and conflict prediction and incident prevention, and more complete and consistent recording of incident timelines and impacts.
Seiten (von - bis)1-17
FachzeitschriftEuropean Transport Research Review
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2017

Research Field

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  • Traffic incident . Delay . Modelling . Incident management . Novel technology . Intelligent transportation systems


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