Multi-actor Urban Energy Planning Support: Building Refurbishment & Building-Integrated Solar PV

Najd Ouhajjou, Wolfgang Loibl, Stefan Fenz, A. Min Tjoa

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Energy strategies are needed at a city level and consequently, adequate plan-ning tools are required to support urban energy planners in assessing their deci-sions (e.g. which buildings are the best to refurbish). This paper presents an ontol-ogy based approach for urban energy planning support. The approach is applied to develop a planning support system for building-refurbishment and building-integrated Photovoltaics-based energy generation. The adopted methodology works as an iterative, incremental process, where each iteration leads to the inte-gration of a new planning decision. The process starts by the identification of the actors whose interests are affected by the decision, then developing/ re-using computation models that provide answers for their questions. Different models are integrated using an ontology that represents the parts of the city that are within the scope of the questions to be answered. The system is applied within a district in the city of Vienna covering around 1200 buildings. The adopted approach pro-vides different actors with specific information related to their view point of deci-sion making. Further, the output is aggregated to a common level of abstraction, to be understood by all involved actors. This approach is applicable to different cit-ies, as the ontology also integrates extension and upgrade mechanisms that pro-vide flexibility to cope with different available data collections.
TitelAdvances and New Trends in Environmental and Energy Informatics; Selected and Extended Contributions from the 28th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection
Redakteure/-innenJorge Marx Gomez, Michael Sonnschein, Ute Vogel, Andreas Winter, Barbara Rapp, Nils Giesen
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2016

Research Field

  • Ehemaliges Research Field - Energy


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