Multi-Purpose Anechoic Chambers - EMC (SAR/FAR) to Antenna Measurements

Alexander Kriz, Martin Wiles

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In recent years there has been considerable progress in standardization within the Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aero-space, Military, Medical and Telecom industries. As a result anechoic chambers today can be required to conform today to a variety of different published EMC standards. In many cases the standards are so similar that the chamber does not require a set up change, in others this may require a substantial set up change. This paper looks at how a typical 3 m semi-anechoic chamber (SAR 3) manages to respond to this demand and remain versatile. The direction of some of the current standards that might influence further this chamber in the future will also be discussed.
TitelEMC Zürich 05
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2005
VeranstaltungEMC Zürich 05 -
Dauer: 1 Jan. 2005 → …


KonferenzEMC Zürich 05
Zeitraum1/01/05 → …

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