One-dimensional photonic crystal for polarization-sensitive surface-enhanced spectroscopy

Erika Mogni (Vortragende:r), Giovanni Pellegrini, Jorge Gil-Rostra, Francisco Yubero, Guiseppina Simone, Stefan Fossati, Jakub Dostalek, Rebeca Martinez-Vazquez, Roberto Osellame, Michele Celebrano, Marco Finazzi, Paolo Biagioni

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    We realize and experimentally characterize a novel platform for surface-enhanced sensing through Bloch Surface Waves (BSWs). We test a one-dimensional photonic crystal, with a high index inclusion in the top layer, that sustains surfaces modes with, in principle, arbitrary polarization. This is achieved through the coherent superposition of TE and TM dispersion relations of BSWs, which can also provide superchiral fields over a wide spectral range (down to the UV). The resulting platform paves the way to the implementation of polarization-resolved surface-enhanced techniques.
    TitelEPJ Web of Conferences
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2022
    VeranstaltungEOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM 2022) -
    Dauer: 12 Sept. 202216 Sept. 2022


    KonferenzEOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM 2022)

    Research Field

    • Biosensor Technologies


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