Pulse waveform analysis for monitoring of left ventricular function in patients with severely reduced ejection fraction

Stefan Orter, Bernhard Hametner (Autor:in und Vortragende:r), Siegfried Wassertheurer, Kathrin Danninger, Antonis Argyris, Athanase D. Protogerou, Eugenijus Kaniusas, Roland K. Binder, Thomas Weber

Publikation: Posterpräsentation ohne Beitrag in TagungsbandPosterpräsentation ohne Eintrag in TagungsbandBegutachtung


Background: Impaired systolic function of the left ventricle leads to shortening of the left ventricular ejection time (LVET) and heart rate adjusted LVET (iLVET)[1]. The aim of this study is the investigation of the improvement in left ventricular function using radial pulse waveforms compared to improvement assessed by ejection fraction (EF).
Methods: 37 patients (7 females) with heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) were treated according to HF guidelines. EF and its changes under treatment were monitored with echocardiography (EPIQ, Philips, Simpson method with apical 4-chamber view), and LVET was monitored with tonometry (SphygmoCor, AtCor Medical, method based on numerical derivatives)[2]. Furthermore, LVET was adjusted for heart rate[3]. Visualization of differences between first and second visit was done by 4-quadrant plots (Fig. 1) and concordance rate was calculated.
Results: Patients mean age and body height were 54 years, and 174 cm respectively. Their average weight decreased from 89 to 88 kg.
Measured basic parameters on frst and second visit were HR (68BPM vs. 60BPM), SBP (128 mmHg vs. 128 mmHg), DBP (81 mmHg vs.
76 mmHg), EF (25% vs. 42%), LVET (0.266 s vs. 0.289 s), iLVET (0.380 vs. 0.389), percentage of patients with betablocker intake (76% vs. 97%), and percentage of patients with ACE-I/ARB/ARNI intake (92% vs. 97%). The mean timespan between frst and second measurements was 100 days. A concordance rate of 0.84 for LVET and 0.65 for iLVET was observed.
Conclusions: Automatically measured LVET and iLVET from radial
pressure waveforms is suitable for monitoring the improvement of EF
with medical treatment in HFrEF.
LVET (left) and iLVET (right) against EF Simpson, efect direction between second and frst visit. Gray arrows show individual measurements, the blue arrow shows the mean efect over 37 subjects.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 7 Feb. 2023
VeranstaltungArtery 22 - Centre de Congés Prouvé, Nancy, Frankreich
Dauer: 19 Okt. 202222 Okt. 2023


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  • Medical Signal Analysis


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