Reliability Displays in Building Information Modeling: A Pattern Approach

Alexander G. Mirnig (Vortragende:r), Manfred Tscheligi, Peter Fröhlich, Johann Schrammel, Michael Gafert, Damiano Falcioni

Publikation: Beitrag in Buch oder TagungsbandVortrag mit Beitrag in TagungsbandBegutachtung


Process management systems allow the user to, among other things, predict possible outcomes of larger processes and make decisions based on a pool of data available to the system. What can greatly influence the success of such processes is the reliability of the data that feeds the system´s output. This, however, is usually not part of such systems and is left to the experience and expertise of the individual user. Design patterns are a method that can capture and communicate such implicit expert knowledge. In this paper, we present initial solutions for integrating reliability indicators in process management. Based on expert stakeholder requirements from the use case Building Information Modeling (BIM), we created three initial solutions for the realization of reliability displays in this context, which we abstracted into three draft patterns. These solutions pertain to expertise-based rights management, visualisation of entry timeliness, and communicating reliability via penalty indicators.
TitelPATTERNS 2020 - The Twelfth International Conferences on Pervasive Patterns and Applications
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2020
VeranstaltungPATTERNS 2020: 12th International Conference on Pervasive Patterns and Applications -
Dauer: 25 Okt. 202029 Okt. 2020


KonferenzPATTERNS 2020: 12th International Conference on Pervasive Patterns and Applications

Research Field

  • Capturing Experience


  • reliability displays; process management
  • building information modeling


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