Rotor Temprerature Monitoring System

Martin Ganchev (Vortragende:r), Bernhard Kubicek, Hansjörg Kapeller

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The paper discusses some of the basic developments in the field of direct measurements of the rotor temperature of an electrical motor. In the same context, the design of a state-of-the-art rotor temperature monitoring system for contact measurements is proposed. The data transmission between the rotating and stationary part is realized via infrared light. The used temperature sensors are thermocouples of type K. The design applies the simultaneous processing of up to 12 sensors. Power is supplied by a battery placed in the rotating instrumentation. As a whole, the system is characterized by high noise immunity, low power consumption for long experimental setups and mechanical rigidity for up to 6000 rpm. The mechanical assembly is appropriate for laboratory setup since adaptation on the motor are required. Finally, experimental results are presented to show system feasibility.
TitelICEM, 2010 XIX International Conference on Electrical Machines
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2010
VeranstaltungICEM2010 -
Dauer: 6 Sept. 20108 Sept. 2010



Research Field

  • Ehemaliges Research Field - Energy


  • Induction motor
  • PMSM
  • rotor temperature


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