Strategic Decision Making in Project Management: A Knowledge Visualization Framework

Giustina Secundo, Gianluca Elia, Alessandro Margherita, Karl-Heinz Leitner

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Managing a project involves taking a number of critical decisions that can have a crucial impact on the success or failure of the initiative. The analytical definition and visualization of the main components of a project can support project managers engaged to address the right issues at the right time. This article aims to identify crucial crossroads in the management of a project, and to provide a visual representation of knowledge involved into a system of project components and decisions. A design science process is adopted to define the initial goals and requirements, and to develop the knowledge visualization framework. Expert feedback is also gathered to obtain a preliminary validation of the framework. Moving from a system view of project dimensions, we identify eight types of strategic decisions, i.e. growth, problem shifting, goals balancing, escalation, rewarding, resource allocation, problem fixing, and cooperation. We then present a visualisation map of project decision making addressing six categories of knowledge (i.e. âEurooewhat-knowledgeâEuro , âEurooehow-knowledgeâEuro , âEurooewhoknowledgeâEuro , âEurooewhy-knowledgeâEuro , âEurooewhat for-knowledgeâEuro , âEurooewhen-knowledgeâEuro ). The framework needs further theoretical refinement in terms of more fine-grained decision types, other determinants and the reciprocal influence in the management of project activities. The article can support project managers attempting to build a comprehensive view of project decisions, and it can be a basis to develop novel types of knowledge management systems for project-related applications. The article proposes a new approach to sustain strategic decision making in project management by adopting a knowledge visualization view. Moreover, it provides an operational tool for managers and analysts at different levels engaged into the management of a project.
Seiten (von - bis)1159-1181
FachzeitschriftManagement Decision
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2022

Research Field

  • Innovation Systems and Digitalisation


  • Decision making
  • Project management
  • strategic decision
  • framework
  • Knowledge visualisation
  • Knowledge management


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