TEI Studio: When Realities Interweave - Developed Concepts

Georg Regal, Jakob Carl Uhl, Linda Hirsch, Yannick Weiss, Alan Matthews, Isaac Valadez, Robert Likamwa

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This white paper presents the concepts developed within the TEI 2023 studio - When Realities Interweave. The studio started with an initial demonstration of tangible interaction in XR. Subsequently, in a brainstorming session, we addressed how tangible objects can be used to transition between reality and virtuality. Within the TEI studio, seven ideas were conceptualized, and five concepts were further developed into low to medium-fidelity prototypes. In future work, we will further develop these concepts. We encourage the TEI and XR communities to build on these ideas, provide feedback, and share insights for future tangible interactions in XR
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023

Research Field

  • Experience Business Transformation


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