The Blown Powder Process

Martin Fürst, Martin Resch, A.F.H. Kaplan, Dieter Schuöcker

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    Laser generating by the Blown Powder Process is a new method for net shape production of metallic models and moulds. The base material, which is present as fine powder, is blown into the laser spot where it is locally melted and builds a layer during solidification. At low processing speed the thickness of the generated wall increases layer by layer until it reaches a stable value. In contrast decreasing thickness was observed in the high speed regime, where lower layer height but also lower wall surface roughness was obtained. Beside optimisation of the process parameters, investigations concern the production of three-dimensional parts with an articulated robot. In order to obtain a smooth surface and a constant track height a temperature control and a distance control were implemented.
    TitelICIT 2001 3rd Int.Conf. on. Ind. Tools
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2001
    VeranstaltungICIT 2001 3rd Int.Conf. on. Ind. Tools -
    Dauer: 1 Jan. 2001 → …


    KonferenzICIT 2001 3rd Int.Conf. on. Ind. Tools
    Zeitraum1/01/01 → …

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    • Laser
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