Uncertainty Analysis. Harmonized method for the compilation of urban emission inventories for urban air modelling

Peter Sturm , Wilfried Winiwarter

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Emission Inventories are important tools to describe the emission situation and eventually to manage air quality. They provide comprehensive information on emission sources and emission fluxes in the area under consideration. With the use of air pollution modelling it is possible to relate air emissions to air quality. State of the art are so called "top-down" emission inventories describing the emission situation at a regional or national scale. On a Europe-wide basis, CORINAIR/EMEP provide annual emission information. More detailed emission inventories are available for certain regions and/or cities. When looking at pollutant dispersion and air quality modelling it is necessary to describe the dynamic behaviour of the emission sources. During the EUROTRAC 1-Subproject GENEMIS the main emphasis was on the temporal resolution of emissions in order to provide data for macro-scale dispersion modelling. Within the SATURN project, dispersion modelling should be undertaken for urban areas. A prerequisite for urban air models is an emission inventory which is able to deliver high quality emission information with a high resolution in time and space. Within the Saturn working group 4, validations of air quality models are planned. A prerequisite for this activity is the availability of an appropriate emission inventory. To ensure consistency among the emission inventories used for the validation attempts, guidelines with minimum requirements for emission inventories will be defined by the working group "Val. 3 of Saturn". The aim of this section is to - present a harmonized method for the compilation of urban emission data, - provide sources for suitable emission factors, - provide tools for producing emission inventories.
TitelIn: Emissions of air pollutants. Measurements, calculations and uncertainties. Hersg.: Rainer Friedrich; Reis Stefan.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2004

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