What follows Tertiarisation?

Bernhard Dachs, Sergej Kaniovski, Michael Peneder

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This article is concerned with the globalization of services, and specifically the impact of the new regulatory framework set up under the 1996 General Agreement on Trade in Services. The article sets out the organisation and protocols of GATS and their likely impact on global trade in services. The paper clarifies the role of GATS as not merely to 'regulate' trade in services, but to foster the global expansion in services under a fair, transparent set of rules, with procedures for recourse by those governments and enterprises which claim to have been unfairly discriminated against in one or other service sector. The article concludes with some interim comments on the impact and effectiveness of GATS on the business community, and the need for further research in the future.
Seiten (von - bis)47-66
FachzeitschriftService Industries Journal
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2003

Research Field

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  • liberalisation
  • supply
  • government


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