What Players Want: Information Needs of Players on Post-Game Visualizations

Günter Wallner, Marnix van Wijland, Regina Bernhaupt, Simone Kriglstein

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With the rise of competitive online gaming and esports, players´ ability to review, refect upon, and improve their in-game perfor mance has become important. Post-play visualizations are key for such improvements. Despite the increased interest in visualizations of gameplay, research specifcally informing the design of player centric visualizations is currently limited. As with all visualizations, their design should, however, be guided by a thorough understand ing of the goals to be achieved and which information is important and why. This paper reports on a mixed-methodsstudy exploring the infor mation demands posed by players on post-play visualizations and the goals they pursue with such visualizations. We focused on three genres that enjoy great popularity within the competitive gaming scene. Our results provide useful guideposts on which data to focus on by ofering an overview of the relevance of diferent in-game metrics across genres. Lastly, we outline high-level implications for the design of post-play visualizations.
TitelProceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2021
VeranstaltungCHI 2021 - Making Waves, Combining Strengths -
Dauer: 8 Mai 202113 Mai 2021


KonferenzCHI 2021 - Making Waves, Combining Strengths

Research Field

  • Experience Business Transformation


  • games
  • players
  • gameplay visualization
  • information needs

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