Climate Resilience in urban and regional development – understanding, methods and strategies

  • Bach, B. (Speaker)
  • Rudolf Giffiner (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentation / LectureLecture


In front of a variety of strong impacts (i.e., climate change, earth quakes, flooding, urban heat, strong wind, etc.) cities and regions are endangered in the functioning of urban/regional infrastructure systems and living quality. Hence, they have to cope with development problems in technical, economic, sociodemographic and environmental terms. The rapid pace of such emerging new challenges provoke transition in specific domains and in general transformation processes of urban and regional development. They ask for new concepts in order to strengthen transformation processes in an effective way. In this context the concept of resilience has become very prominent. In a general understanding “… resilience refers to the ability of an urban [and regional] system and all its constituent socio-ecological and socio-technical networks across temporal and spatial scales-to maintain or rapidly return to desired functions in the face of a disturbance, to adapt to change, and to quickly transform systems that limit current or future adaptive capacity.” (Meerow, Newell, & Stults, 2016)
According to this focus on resilient urban and regional development this lecture will provide different disciplinary understandings, topics and instruments. Following questions will be discussed:
- Resilience – introduction and definition
- components influencing resilience of urban and regional systems
- Foundations of Climate Change; Limits of predictive knowledge
- introduction to mitigation and adaptive management
- regulatory and governance systems driving urban transformation
- meaning of vulnerability; risk assessment and vulnerability
- factors driving vulnerability and adaptive capacity on global and local level
- effective strategies of adaptation and mitigation in cities and regions
- imlementation of strategies, good practices, instruments or projects
- methods of urban design and governance
- importance of digital technologies

Period1 Oct 202331 Jan 2024
Held atTU Wien, Austria
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