Development and Characterisation of Gadolinium doped Ceria thin films by Spray Pyroylsis from environmentally friendly Precursor Solutions

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In this work, the deposition by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis and characterisation of Gadolinium doped Ceria thin films, is discussed. An approximately 200 nm thick GDC diffusion barrier between the electrolyte and the LSCF oxygen electrode is an integral part of a solid oxide cell (SOC) since the formation of undesired La2Zr2O7 and SrZrO3 phases in the interface is effectively prevented. Therefore a recipe for the efficient deposition of GDC thin films with a solvent system proposed for the ultrasonic spray deposition of LSCF was developed. Thereby both films could be deposited with the same solvents. Further, toxic solvents like ethylene glycol are omitted. Next steps are to investigate water-based precursors systems and depositions of the perovskite LSCF electrode. Finally electrochemical measurements need to be performed to determine the performance of the manufactured cells.
Period30 Aug 2023
Event title15th International Summer School on PEFCs and H2
Event typeSeminar
LocationGraz, AustriaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational

Research Field

  • Energy Conversion and Hydrogen


  • SOC
  • GDC
  • Spray Pyrolysis
  • Material Development