Metagenomic approaches to study the functionality of bacterial endophytes

  • Sessitsch, A. (Speaker, invited)
  • Barbara Reinhold-Hurek (Author, invited)
  • Pablo Hardoim (Author, invited)
  • Jessica Döring (Author, invited)
  • Alexandra Weilharter (Author, invited)
  • Andrea Krause (Author, invited)
  • Tanja Woyke (Author, invited)
  • Unknown Mitter (Author, invited)
  • Lena Hauberg-Lotte (Author, invited)
  • Frauke Friedrich (Author, invited)
  • Monali Rahalkar (Author, invited)
  • Thomas Hurek (Author, invited)
  • Abhijit Sarkar (Author, invited)
  • Levente Bodrossy (Author, invited)
  • Jan Van Elsas (Author, invited)
  • L.S. van Overbeek (Author, invited)
  • Darshan Brar (Author, invited)
  • Frank Rasche (Author, invited)
  • Siegried Drage (Author, invited)
  • T. Lueders (Author, invited)
  • M. Schloter (Author, invited)

Activity: Talk or presentation / LecturePresentation at a scientific conference / workshop

Period3 Oct 20108 Oct 2010
Event titleInternational Conference on BNF in Non-Legumes,
Event typeOther
Degree of RecognitionInternational

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