Data for SEROS publication



This project contains the following underlying data:
rhobarInletAvg_analysis (Summary of achieved Pressure Drop Reduction (PDR) of all cases.) (Directories containing the following files directly generated with SEROS)
– bestSeros (Iteration at PDR was highest.)
– config2D_L.xml (Case configuration for creation of data.)
– measurementsSeros0 (Fluid measurements taken at each reshaping iteration.)
– plbLog.dat (Log file generated during simulation execution.)
– rho*.ppm (Visualisation of fluid density fields at given iterations.)
– vtk*.vti (Fluid field at highest PDR available for some cases.)
2D_L_Re*_PDR.txt (Identical with measurementsSeros0 for each 2D case.)
3D_L_Re*_PDR.txt (Identical with measurementsSeros0 for each 3D case.)
Date made available31 Mar 2023

Research Field

  • Numerical Simulation of Lightweight Components and Processes

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