CELTIC Initiative Project Madeira: A P2P Approach to Network Management

Martin Zach, Daryl Parker, Liam Fallon, Christian Unfried, Miguel Ponce De Leon, Sven Van Der Meer, Nektarios Georgalas, Johan Nielsen

Research output: Other contribution


The vision of the Celtic-Initiative project Madeira is to provide novel technologies for a logically meshed Network Management System that facilitates self-management and dynamic behaviour of nodes within networks. These approaches should enable adaptable services and the management of network elements of increasing number, heterogeneity and transience, thereby reducing OPEX. In this paper, we set the scope for investigations within the project and give an outline of our approach. We present a scenario that challenges today’s state of the art in Network Management and upon which we are building our case study for a detailed investigation of feasibility. Finally, we describe a preliminary conceptual system architecture and application data model, and give an insight into the expected final project results. 1.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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