Conceptual Framework: EUPRO deepening (NATPRO)

Georg Zahradnik, Barbara Heller-Schuh, Thomas Scherngell

Research output: Other contribution


EUPRO is a core facility to investigate structure, dynamics and impacts of project-based R&D collaboration to grasp and understand the development of the European Research Area (ERA). Advanced research in this direction needs constant EUPRO updates, but also extensions to other transnational and national research funding activities. NATPRO addresses this gap by providing a systematic information basis on nationally funded R&D projects, and by focussing on specific national funding programmes and selected countries depending on data availability. NATPRO extension will be able to respond to interesting policy questions, such as the relation between national and European funding, in terms of thematic complementarity and/or organisational overlapping; structure and dynamics of multi-level networks, featuring nodes (organisations) acting at the national level, at the European level, or at both levels (‘gatekeeper’); and relationships between a set of characteristics of organisations and their ability to attract national vs. European funding.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 17 Mar 2021

Research Field

  • Innovation Dynamics and Modelling

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