Investigation of optical fiber-tip probes for common and ultrafast SERS

Yevhenii Morozov, Anatoliy S. Lapchuk, Alexander V. Prygun, Andriy A. Kryuchyn, Jakub Dostalek

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    In this study, we performed a three-dimensional computational experiment on ultrashort pulse propagation in an optical fiber-tip probe that is decorated with gold nanoparticles (NPs) using a constant structure for the probe's dielectric taper and different spatial configurations of the gold nanoparticles. Interestingly, a hot spot with the highest amplitude of the electric field was found not along the same chain of the NPs but between terminal NPs of neighboring chains of NPs at the probe's tip (the amplitude of the electric field in the hot spots between the NPs along the same chain was of the order of 101, while that between terminal NPs of neighboring chains was of the order of 103). We eventually identified a configuration with only six terminal nanoparticles (Config4) which is characterized by the highest electric field amplitude enhancement and can provide the highest spatial resolution in the SERS interrogation of an object of interest. The ultrashort temporal responses of the hot spots for all configurations exhibited relatively high pulse elongation (relative elongation was greater than 4.3%). At the same time, due to the reflection of the incident pulse and consequent interference, the temporal responses of most hot spots contained several peaks for all configurations except for the optimum Config4. Nonetheless, the ultrashort temporal responses of all hot spots for Config4 were characterized by a single peak but with a relatively large pulse elongation (relative elongation was 234.1%). The results indicate that further examination of this new structure of a nanoparticles-coated optical fiber-tip probe with only six terminal NPs may provide attractive characteristics for its practical applications.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalNew Journal of Physics
    Publication statusPublished - 2020

    Research Field

    • Biosensor Technologies


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